AWS Classroomnotes 24/Apr/2022

Amazon EC2 Contd..

  • Tenancy:
    • Shared:
      • This is default tenancy
      • The physical host is shared by multiple aws accounts
    • Dedicated:
      • The physical host is reserved for your account
  • Dedicated hosts and Dedicated instances Refer Here
  • For the Applications which are planned to run on AWS for the next 1 or 3 years, we can save a lot in terms of cost (up to 72% compared to On-Demand Instances)
    • Reservered Instances
    • Savings Plans
  • Lets understand pricing with an example ec2 instance of 32 GB RAM Memory optimized (r6g.xlarge)
  • Case: On-demand Instance
  • Case: Reserved Instance
  • Case: Savings Plan:
    • In Reservered Instances we give a commitment of a particular resource (like an ec2 instance with some type), where as in Savings plan we give longterm commitment (1 or 3 years) in terms of $/hour
  • When we are using Reserved instances your ec2 instance will be charged whether it is running or stopped.
  • Case: Spot Instances:
    • Here you can get discount upto 90%
  • Note: This will be continued in next session…

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