AWS Classroomnotes 08/Feb/2022

Lab Environment

  • While creating the Hyper-V Host use the restart’s from Hyper-V and one restart will take a long time (20 mins) for updates
  • Next Step: Lets ensure password based authentication is up the virtual machines created by hyper-v host
  • login into the VM
  • edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file to replace PasswordAuthentication to yes from no
  • restart sshd service sudo service sshd restart

AWS Server Migration Service

  • AWS Server Migration Migration Server can be used to migrate vms from Hyper-V or vmware to AWS
  • Navigate to Server Migration Service
  • Download connecter into hyper v host
  • Ensure the requirements are met Refer Here
  • Once the download is finished install the connector by following docs Refer Here
  • Unzip the downloaded file and import the vm as shown in the class to create a connector and after starting the vm execute the following steps Refer Here
  • Now Access the connector
  • Now follow the wizard, enter access and secret key as shown in the class
  • Now lets establish connectivity
  • Now after succesful connection you will be navigate to connector dashboard
  • Now navigate to AWS Console -> Server Migration Service and View Connectors

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