Azure Classroomnotes 18/Apr/2023

Azure Storage Solutions

  • Azure has multiple storage options for various needs
    • Azure Blob Storage:
      • Storing unstructured data and files (video, audio, text, log)
      • They are accesible over https
    • Azure Data Lake Gen 2:
      • This is superset of Blob storage optimized for Big Data Analytics
    • Azure Files: Provides remote file shares that can be mounted using SMB or NFS
    • Azure Queues: Azure queues are used to to store messages to communicate between applications/components reliabily and asynchronous
    • Azure Tables: These are key-value storage.
    • Disk Storage:
      • Managed disk
      • Unmanaged disk

Azure Storage Account

  • Azure Storage Account is a service offered by Azure which helps in Creating
    • Azure Blobs
    • Azure Queues
    • Azure Tables
    • Azure Files
  • Types of Blobs:
    • Page Blob:
      • This represents the virtual hard disk (unmanaged disk)
    • Block Blob:
      • Literally any file
      • individual file size cannot be greater than 4.7 TiB
    • Append Blob: These are used for log files
  • Types of Storage Accounts:

    • Standard: This offers unstructured data storage in Azure. we can create blobs, queues, tables, files
      • General Purpose V2
      • Redundancy Options:
        • LRS
        • GRS
        • ZRS
        • GZRS
    • Premium:
      • Blob Storage
      • File Share
      • Page Blob
      • Redundancy options:
        • LRS
        • ZRS
  • Types of Redundancies (Azure in general):

    • Locally Redundant Storage (LRS):
      • Three copies of data an stores it in three different servers in the same Datacenter in a region
    • Zone Redundant Storage
      • Three copies of data is created and stored in three zones (each copy in one zone)
    • Geo Redundant Storage (Readonly):
      • LRS + similar copies in different region
    • Geo Zone Redundant Storage (Readonly):
      • ZRS + similar copies in different region
  • Refer Here for official azure docs for data redundancies and Refer Here for the summary.

Creating a Standard RA-GZRS Storage Account

  • Create a storage account
  • Lets create a container called as videos and upload mp4 files

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