Azure Classroom Series – 18/Aug/2020

Availability Options for Virtual Machines in Azure

  • High Availability in Azure is majorly provided by following basic constructs

    • Availability Zones:
      • Some Regions of Azure support Availability zones
      • If you are deploying vm’s on these regions then it is recommended to use Zone resilient deployment Preview
    • Availability Set:
      • Each availability Set will have Fault domains & update domains
      • Fault domain is logical group of underlying hardware which share a common power source & network switch within a data center (rack)
      • Update domain is a logical group of underlying hardware that can undergo maintenance or be rebooted at the same time without impacting application.
  • Best Practices for Virtual Machines

    • Avoid running a production workload on a single vm: Instead put VM in availability set or virtual machine scale set, with a load balancer in front
    • Put each application into a separate Availability Set
    • Replicate VMs using Site Recovery
    • Use Azure Backup to backup vms
    • Enable logging & monitoring

Virtual Machine Scale Sets:

  • Consider your organization is hosting an application which is used for ticketing Preview
  • Now users have increased drastically Preview
  • Now how can we ensure our application still works without performance problems?
  • Increasing servers will be an option Preview
  • Our application is ticketing application so it will have peak and non peak hours
  • So we need to increase or decrease the servers based on demand. Now will it be better to do this manually or if azure handles it and you provide inputs to azure?
  • The Azure’s way of handling these kind of scenarios is Azure Virtual machine scale sets(VMSS)

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