DevOps Classroom Series – 29/Dec/2019 – Integrating Jenkins with Artifactory, Sonar Qube

Integrating Jenkins with Sonar Qube

  • Sonar Qube can help in Static Code Analysis
  • Code Quality Reports
    • Coding Guidelines and Reports issues
      • Warning
      • Error
      • Information
    • Coverage
      • Line Coverage
      • Symbol Coverage
      • Branch Coverage
    • Quality Gates
  • Integration: Refer Here

Integrating Jenkins with Artifactory

  • In CI/CD Process we generate lot of builds.
  • To make a customer release/test release we need to pick up specific build and then do the deployment
  • To store this binaries, since there are versions we can use binary repository which is aware of build tools like maven, gradle, npm, pip, msbuild
  • For Java based repositories, there are two popular binary repository servers
    • Nexus
    • Artifactory
  • Artifactory has support not only for java but for almost all the other technologies.
  • The use-case from Jenkins is two fold
    • Upload binaries built to artifactory (repository) post build
    • Download binaries from artifactory during deployment. For this artifactory rest api is used or you can use shell script/ansible modules or chef supermarket cookbooks to download.

Integrating Jenkins with DevOps Tools like Ansible or Docker

  • Ensure you add the node to jenkins server with necessary softwares and configurations
  • From jenkins after you finish the build and upload the build call the downstream project on the above node added using labels. In the build step execute command
terraform apply .
ansible-playbook .
docker-compose up
kubetl apply -f <spec.yaml>

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