Azure Classroom Series – 24/Aug/2021

Network Security Group (NSG)

  • NSG can be used to filter network traffic to and from Azure resources in a virtual network.
  • NSG contains security rules that allow or deny network traffic.
  • NSG can be applied to Subnet and Network Interface (VM)
  • In Each Security rule we can specify
    • Name
    • Priority
    • Source
    • Destination
    • Protocol
    • Port
    • Action
  • Lets create a Network security group Preview Preview Preview
  • Security rule with lowest priority value has the higher priority
  • Lets create a security rule to allow http (tcp 80 request) from anywhere Preview
  • Now lets create a virtual network with two subnets
    • web
    • app
  • Now lets create a ubuntu vm in web subnet and attach the network security group created Preview Preview
  • Now lets try to login into this vm using ssh. SSH protocol works on port 22 using tcp protocol
ssh qtdevops@


  • Now lets add an inbound security rule for ssh Preview Preview
  • Exercise: Create one more vm in app subnet.
    • VM in app subnet
      • should be allowing 8080 protocol from anywhere
      • 22 port from any device from web subnet range
      • all the other communications are denied.

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