AWS Classroomnotes 14/Apr/2022

Automating User/Role/Policy Management

  • There are two possible ways of automation
    • By Command Line and then enhancing this to scripts
    • By AWS SDK and using code for this
  • Refer Here for installing AWS CLI
  • Lets create an IAM User with Administrator permissions who will automate the user creation.
  • Now to enable access to the admin after installation of AWS CLI
  • Verify if the access is working or not. The output will be different to you but the command should not throw an error
  • To create users from command line we need to understand aws cli
aws <service-name> <action> [<parameters>]
aws s3 ls
aws ec2 describe-instances
  • Refer Here for all the commands for iam
  • The command for iam will be aws iam <command from the above page>
  • Lets find the command to view all the users aws iam list-users
  • Now lets try to create user called as ironman
aws iam create-user --user-name 'ironman'

* Now lets verify in the console
* Now give the password for the ironman user as Avengers@123
* We need to create login profile Refer Here
* Exercise:
* Create users thor, hulk, sonic with passwords
* Add ironman, thor, hulk, sonic to the new group ‘Avengers’
* Reset the password for all the users to Avengers@marvel@1
* Apply the built in policy of ec2readonly to the group avengers
* login from browser as any user and verify.

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