Windows Foundation Series – Active Directory Fundamentals

Active Directory

  • Microsoft’s implementation of LDAP is Active Directory
  • Active Directory Consists of information
    • All the Sites information
    • All the user/employee information
    • All the server information
    • All the Devices (such as printers etc)
  • Active Directory Providers
    • Authentication
    • Authorization

Terms of Active Directory

  • Domain:

    • Collection of Objects
    • Logical Concept Preview
  • Domain Controller:

    • Software installed on Windows Server which can handle Domains
    • Physical
  • Tree:

    • Collection of related parent and child domains
    • Naming sequence should be present Preview
  • Forest:

    • Collection of Trees
    • Generally different business of the organization
    • Forest can have trees with different Domain Naming Sequences Preview
  • Global Catalog:

    • For now think of it as Address Book Preview

Installation of Domain Controller

  • Requirements for Lab Setup:
    • Windows Server (2016)
    • Azure/Amazon Cloud Account
  • Installation Methods
    • Powershell Based
    • Server Manager
    • DC Promo (Not Recommended)
  • In this Series we will be using Server Manager. Refer Here for installation instructions

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