Azure Classroom Series – 05/Jan/2020


Traditional Web Applications

  • Traditional Application:
    • Hosted on Web Servers
    • Functionality is linked to UI Developed
    • Users of the traditional Web Applications use browsers (GUI) to execute the applications Preview

SOAP Based Web Services

  • Without interacting only via UI, Functionality of the Server can be exposed to clients. On the Server host SOAP Web Services
  • Cons:
    • Client requires decent compute power to use SOAP Services


  • Services are exposed much like SOAP, but unlike SOAP REST API uses stable HTTP Protocol to do this.
  • Since HTTP is Used, We have
    • Methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
    • Requests
      • Body
      • Headers
      • Content type
    • Response
      • Status Code: 1**, 2**, 3**, 4**,5** (404: page not found)
      • Body
      • Headers
      • Content type
  • HTTP request can be generated by all the languages and also from command lines such as curl, Invoke-WebRequest


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