Azure Classroomnotes 06/Dec/2022

Database Needs for Enterprise Applications

  • Every application needs data to be persisted.
  • Data can be persisted in majorly two forms
    • structured data:
      • This data can be queried
      • To query the data there might be different means sql, reports, code
    • unstructured:
      • This data cannot be queried
      • Data can be searched
  • This Data is further used by Analytics
    • Business Intelligence => Reports
    • Predictions (ML)
  • Through out discussion we would be focussing on structured data.
  • Database Types:
    • Relational:
      • Data is organized as Rows and Columns in Tables
      • Releations exist across tables
      • To query the data we would be using SQL Specification
      • Each Table has a strict structure which is called as schema
      • Database Engines:
        • Oracle
        • Microsoft SQL Server
        • mySQL/mariadb
        • PostgreSQL
        • IBM DB2
    • NoSQL:
      • To query the data there is no formal specification like SQL
      • There is no strict schema
      • There are different implemenations
        • document db
        • key value store
        • Graph db
      • Examples:
        • Mongo DB
        • Cassandra
        • etcd
        • consul
        • Gremlin
    • Cache db:
      • Cache databases are designed to store infrequently changed data to RAM
      • Examples:
        • Redis
        • Memcached
    • Data Warehouses:
      • This generally represents a large volumes of data warehouse and generally every record over here majorly has time dimension.
      • Examples:
        • Teradata
        • Informatica

Running the database workloads

  • Onpremise:
    • Find a physical/virtual server(s) with supporting OS
    • Install database engine
    • Administration Activities:
      • Updating database engines (Patching)
      • Backup Mechanism and Regularly taking Backups
      • Fixing slow query issues
      • Setting up Replications
  • How about cloud ?

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