DevOps Classroom Series – 11/Nov/2020

Kubernetes (k8s)

  • k8s is a platform that is used with huge number of services & capabilities that keeps growing.
  • The core functionality of k8s is schedule workloads in containers across your infra. In addition to this there are many functionalities that k8s brings in
    • Managing storage systems
    • Secret Management
    • Application health & readiness check
    • Replicating application instances
    • Horizontal pod Autoscaling
    • Cluster Autoscaling
    • Naming & Service Discovery
    • Balancing loads
    • Rolling updates
    • Resource Monitoring
    • Log Management
    • Application debugging
    • Authentication & Authorization
  • Refer Here for k8s introduction

Container Orchestration

  • Primary responsibility of k8s is container orchestration.
  • It means
    • making sure that all the containers that execute various workloads are scheduled on physical or virtual machines.
    • Keep an eye on all running containers & replace dead, unresponsive or unhealthy containers with new containers.
  • In k8s we embrace cattle mindset over pets Preview

k8s components

  • Refer Here for master and node components
  • Cluster:
    • It is collection of hosts(nodes) that provide compute, memory, storage and networking resources
    • k8s uses these resources to run application workloads.
  • Master Node:
    • The master node is a single host in k8s cluster.
    • This can be a physical server or virtual machine
    • This is the control plane of k8s. This master is responisble for assigning work (container workloads) to be scheduled on nodes
  • Nodes:
    • It is a single host in k8s cluster
    • This can be physical server or virtual machine
    • These are managed by k8s master and they do the work of executing workloads in k8s (They were referred as minions)
    • Node is responsible for doing the work assigned.

K8s architecture

Preview Preview


  • Refer Here to learn about json and yaml
  • Ensure you have cloud account (aws,azure)

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