Azure Classroom Series – 18/Dec/2020

Azure Storage Account Design tips

  • You cannot switch b/w Azure General purpose account and azure blob storage account, but you can upgrage general storage account to V2
  • You can switch b/w access tiers with a Blob storage account & GP V2 account. (This will have cost implications)
  • Premium Storage type supports only LRS
  • Azure supports upto 200 storage accounts per subscription by default
  • A storage account can store data up to 500 TB
  • Access tiers are not supported for premium storage account
  • Only lowercase letters and numbers are supported for the name of storage account

Factors affecting Storage Account Costs

  • Region
  • Account Type
  • Access tier
  • Storage Capacity
  • Replication
  • Data egress
  • On a broader note in azure we will be paying the cost for storage account which is two fold
    • Storage Costs
    • Access Costs Preview

Access tiers for block blob data

  • Azure provides different options for accessing block blob data based on usage patterns.
  • The available access tiers are
    • Hot access tier:
      • This is optimized for frequent access of objects. Accessing data in the hot tier is most-cost effective, while storage costs are higher
    • Cool access tier:
      • This tier is optimized for storing large objects of data that are infrequently accessed and stored for at least 30 days. Storage costs are less and access costs are high in this access tier.
    • Archive tier:
      • This access tier is available only for block blobs individually. This tier is optimized for data that can tolerate several hours of retrieval latency & will remain in archive tier for atleast 180 days. This is most cost effective option for storing data and accessing the data is more expensive. Preview
      • We cannot access the data in archive access tier, to access we need to convert the access tier of block blob from archive to cool/hot (Rehydrating)

Lets understand billing of Storage Accounts

  • Refer Here for azure pricing calculator
  • Create an estimate for storing videos of size 10 TB, which are accessed frequently
    • Users access the data of size atleast 100 TB
    • New videos of size 1 TB will be uploaded every month
    • Using Hot Tier the for estimate Refer Here
  • Create an estimate for storing old documents of your organization which are of size 10 TB
    • Users at a max access 1 TB of Data permonth

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