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Types of Cloud

  • There are 3 popular types of cloud
    • Public Cloud:
      • This caters to majority of cloud usage, where the Infrastructure is owned by CSP and Consumers use the cloud by utilizing services
      • Example:
        • Amazon Web Services
        • Azure
        • Google Cloud Platform
    • Private Cloud
      • This represents the infrastructure maintained by organization which caters to the same organization by providing services
      • Examples: OpenStack
    • Community Cloud:
      • This cloud is generally public but caters to a certain community
      • Examples:
        • Goverment Cloud
        • HealthCare Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud: This is combination of on-premises and cloud

Login to the Linux Instance

  • Overview
  • The ssh command is ssh username@ipaddress
  • To exit out of session use exit command

What is Command

  • A command is an instruction which you pass to os. To run commands we need terminal.
  • Command will have the following syntax
    command [arguments]
  • Lets look at one command

* ping


* Note: while using commands be cautious about spaces and cases (upper case and lower case)

Lets install some softwares

  • Git
    • Windows: choco install git -y
    • Mac: brew install git
  • Visual Studio Code
    • Windows: choco install vscode -y
    • Mac: brew install --cask visual-studio-code
  • To verify if the sofwares are installed or not
git --version
code --version

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