Azure Classroom Series – 20/Jan/2021

Azure Automatic Failover groups

  • The failover group feature allows azure SQL product manage automatically failover of databases
  • Failover is a backup operational mode in which databases are assumed by secondary databases. when primary database goes down.
  • Failover is extremely important for mission critical system that must be constantly available Preview
  • Creating an Auto failover group Preview Preview Preview Preview


  • For test environment setup for our application every night at 12:30 AM we need to create a new Azure SQL Database
  • Automating Database creation sounds like an option
  • Azure provides two command line interfaces
    • Azure CLI:
      • Built using python
      • Can be executed on linux/windows/mac machines
    • Azure Powershell
      • Built using Powershell Cmdlets
      • Suitable for execution from Windows Servers

Creating an Azure SQL Database using Azure CLI

  • Azure CLI Commands will be in the form az <service> <subresource> <action> --parameter1 value1 ... --parametern valuen
  • Sample azure cli command az group create --name sample --location eastus
  • Configuring Azure Login (Execute az login)
  • Ensure Azure CLI Tools extension is installed in Visual Studio Code Preview
  • To install visual studio and other softwares required Refer Here
  • To find the command Navigate Here Preview
  • To Create Azure SQL Database
    • We need to have/create a resource group Preview Preview Preview

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