Kubernetes Classroom Series – 25/Aug/2021

Types of Metrics

  • Counter:
    • These are type of metrics which will use track either the number or size of the events
    • Examples
      • Request Count
      • Exception Count
      • Size of records processed
  • Gauge:
    • These are snapshot of some current state
    • While for counters how fast it is increase is what we care about, for gauge it is actual value of gauge
    • Examples
      • number of items in queue
      • memory usage of a cache
      • number of active threads
  • Histogram:
    • A summary while provide the average latency, but waht if you want quanitile?
    • Quantile tells you that a certain proportion of events had a size belo a give value.
    • For example: 0.95 quantile being 300 ms meants that 95% of requests took less than 300 ms


  • The largest payoffs you will get from prometheus are through instrumenting your own applications using direct instrumentation and client library
  • Refer Here for the sample instrumentation code

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