Azure Classroomnotes 21/Jul/2022

Virtual to Virtual Migration (V2V)

  • Most of the virtual workloads in the Enterprise world are using VMWare.
  • On each bare metal’s organizations install VmWare ESXI. This VmWare ESXI can create Virtual Machines with any Operating system in it.
  • Refer Here for the migration options of VMWare
  • Refer Here for agent-less migration
  • Refer Here for agent-based migration
  • In our lab we will be migrating vms from hyper-v to Azure Refer Here
  • To understand the steps of migration, we will be creating a nested virtualization enabled Azure VM with Windows Server 2016 (This is our simuated on-premise Virtualization)

Lab – Migration of Hyperv Vms to Azure

  • Source => Nested Virtualization supported VM Refer Here
  • For this i’m running an Azure market place vm image Refer Here

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