DevOps Essentials Series – 24/Mar/2020

DevOps Essentials

  • Major Reason for practicing DevOps

    • Reducing Time To Market
    • Increasing Frequency of Releases
    • Reducing the Costs
  • In an Organization

    • Developers write code
    • Tester the application
    • Operations Team who release the application to the customers

What do i need to Understand to become Effective at DevOps

  • You should know
    • how to build the code
    • how to execute the automated tests
    • how to raise concerns when Quality is Comprimised
    • how to deploy the applications
    • how to make frequent releases
    • how to monitor everything

Servers Terminology

Web Server

  • Webserer accepts http(s) requests from clients and responds back with Http(s) response with Html Pages/files/videos Preview
  • Webserver is a software that is installed on the Operating Systems (Linux/Windows/Mac/Rasberry PI)
  • WebServers might fetch the information from other servers to build a response Preview
  • Popular WebServers
    • Apache
    • Nginx
    • Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services)

Application Server

  • Application servers are built to expose/execute business logic to the clients and which in turn generates the dynamic content. Preview
  • Is a software framework that provides functionality offered by a business, service or an application Eg: Add an user to the application/ Transfer amount from one account to other/ Get the insurance quote
  • Application Servers are technology specific i.e.Java Application Servers, Python Application Server, .net Applications
  • Popular Application Servers:
    • Java:
      • Tomcat
      • Weblogic
      • WebSphere
      • Jetty
    • JavaScript:
      • Nodejs
    • .net:
      • IIS
    • Python:
      • Django
      • Tornado
  • Refer Here for popular application servers

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