Azure Classroom Series – 27/May/2021

Azure Storage Performance Tiers

  • In Azure there are two performance tiers
    • Standard:
      • This tier supports all storage services
        • blobs
        • tables
        • files
        • queues
    • Premium:
      • This tier is designed to support workloads with greater demands of I/O and is backed by high performance SSD disks.
      • This tier supports the following storage services
        • Page blob
        • Block Blob
        • files (File Share) Preview

Azure Storage Replication Options (Redundancy)

  • When we create a Storage Account, we can specify how the data will be replicated for redundancy and resistance to failure. The options are
Account Type Description
Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) Make three synchronous copies of our data with in single region
Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) Makes three synchronous copies of our data across multiple AZ in the region
Geographically Redundant Storage (GRS) Same as LRS, plus three additional copies asynchronously to different region
Read-access GRS Same capabilities as GRS, plus you have read-only access to the data in the other region

Access Tiers

  • Azure blob storage supports three access tiers
    • Hot: Optimized for frequently access of objects in storage account. Relative to other tiers data access costs are low while storage costs are higher
    • Cool: Optimized for in-frequently accessed and stored data. Relative to Hot Tier, data access costs are higher and storage costs are lower
    • Archive: Optimized for long-term archiving of infrequently access data that can tolerate several hours of retrieval latency.
parameters Hot tier Cool tier Archive Tier
Availability SLA 99.9% (99.99% RA-GRS) 99% (99.99% RA-GRS) N/A
Costs Higher storage costs and lower access costs Lower storage and higher access costs Lowest storage cost and highest access cost
Latency milliseconds milliseconds Up to 15 hours
Minimum Storage Duration N/A 30 days 180 days


  1. Create a Storage account with Standard performance tier and Zone Redundant Storage in central us region Preview
  2. Create a Storage account with Standard performance tier and LRS and select the Cool Access tier Preview

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