AWS Classroomnotes 09/Jan/2023

AWS Operations

  • As an AWS admin we are expected to do some operations such as
    • Backups
    • Disaster Recoveries
    • OS patching

Backups in AWS

  • In AWS, the generic term used for backup is Snapshot
  • Generally the first snapshot is full backup and snapshots from there on are incremental in nature
  • When we try to delete the latest snapshot the latest changes will be lost. in the below image brown changes are lost
  • When we delete the oldest backup, the contents of snapshot gets copied into depending snapshots, so we are not loosing data
  • Backups can be taken in two ways

    • manual backups
    • automated backups
  • What is difference between backup and archive?

    • backup is taken for quick recoveries.
    • Backups are frequently accessed
    • archival is done for disaster recoveries
    • archivals are rarely accessed
    • MTTR (Mean time to Reocover) with backups is in hours and from archives is in days
    • Archives are stored in low cost storage solutions (Tapes) whereas Backups are stored in moderate cost storate solutions
  • What is point in time recovery (PITR) ?

    • Ability of a backup solution to restore itself to some date time in past.
  • Business Continutity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is an essential setup for all production systems.

Lab Setup

  • Ensure you have an ec2 instance with
    • apache server on any linux based ec2
    • RDS database with some data in it.
  • We will be using the following services

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