Linux Boot Camp Series – 08/Mar/2020

Lab Environment

  • Create an ubuntu 18.04 vm on any virtual environment
  • Create an Centos 7 vm on any virtual environment
  • For more info refer video content here

Basic Software(Application)

  • Any software(Application) in linux is some files or folders or both copied to linux machine.
  • Just like .exe file in windows, we have executable permissions in linux
  • Lets try to evaluate ping
whereis ping

ls -la /usr/bin | less


Environmental Variable PATH

  • PATH will contain directories where linux will search for executables.
  • If your executable/application folder is not added to PATH then to run your application you need give full path.

Installing Softwares on Linux

  • Many ways of installing softwares. Popular ones are
    • 1
    • Get the Code of the software and build the code locally in linux machines
    • Use Debian/RPM packages to install softwares
    • Use YUM/APT/Snap to install softwares.

Downloading software executable directly

  • Example: Terraform.
# note : Ensure unzip is installed (sudo apt-get install unzip -y)
ls -al .

  • two ways of running executables
    • Copy application to existing folders in PATH
    • Create a new folder copy executable into it and add new folder to PATH variable
# 1st approach of copying to existing folders in PATH
cp /home/ubuntu/terraform /usr/bin/
terraform --version

# 2nd approach
mkdir mybin
cp /home/ubuntu/terraform /home/ubuntu/mybin/
export PATH=/home/ubuntu/mybin/:$PATH
terraform --version

Building Code into package(application)

  • To build the code there is a popular tool called as make
  • Lets understand the make by installing nagios. Refer Here

using Debian or rpm packages

  • Download the debian package and to install execute
sudo dpkg -i <package path>
  • Refer Elastic Beats installation From Here
  • Download the rpm package and to install execute
sudo rpm -ivh <package path>

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