GCP Classroom Series – 15/Apr/2021

Google Deployment Manager contd..

  • Lets try to imporvise the google manager configuration and templates

  • lets look at template and configuration with basic improvements Refer Here

  • lets use deployment specific environmental variables Refer Here

  • added changes to make the vm with public ip Refer Here

  • Now create the deployment from gcp

  • fixed the properties issue and the deployment creation succeded Refer Here

Scenario 1:

  • Create a GCP deployment with templates and a configuration
    • to create a network
    • to create firewall rules to allow
      • http and https to all instances
      • ssh to instances with network tag allowssh
      • open everything to instances with network tag openall
    • to create a vm with ubuntu and public ip
    • to create a vm with centos and private ip
  • Solution:
    • create a network template to create vpc globally

    • Create a configuration with basic steps to import a network template

    • Now create the deployment using the changeset Refer Here Preview

    • Now verify the network created Preview

    • Since the vpc is created, lets create firewall rules

    • To create firewall rules we need to use the network created in different template in the current template so how to achieve this

    • To do this we need to use references Refer Here

    • we need to understand the proper usage of references before we try to create this step

    • Failure when we implemented the reference Preview Preview

    • Refer Here for the changeset

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