Azure Classroom notes 10/Nov/2023


  • Overview of Virtualization


  • Cloud is all about using someone else’s hardware
  • We have discussed about regions, zones and datacneters
  • Types of Cloud
    • Public cloud
    • Private Cloud
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Community Cloud
    • Multi Cloud

Public Cloud

  • Here we will have Cloud Services Provider (CSP) like Azure, AWS, GCP owning infrastructure (Regions, Zones, Datacenters) and Cloud service Consumers creating accounts and using services
  • Service:
    • What cloud offers
    • Here CSP has ownership
  • Resources:
    • What we create
    • Here consumers have ownership

Cloud Services Provider

  • Azure is a Public cloud services provider
  • They organize the infrastructue across

    • Region
      • Zones
        • Datacenters
          • Racks
            • Server
      • Datacenters
        • Racks
          • Server
  • Explore Globe of Azure Refer Here and Refer Here for data center tour

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