Azure Classroom Series – 28/Nov/2020

Azure VM Creation using Azure CLI

  • Azure CLI Setup and Configuration Refer Here
  • Azure CLI is a commandline approach for creating azure resources. The commands will be in the form of az <service> [<sub-service>] <action> --param1 <value1> ... --paramn <valuen>
  • Example:
az group create --name learningcli --location eastus
  • Finding the CLI Preview Preview
  • Lets find a command to view resource groups Preview Preview
  • To use azure cli install azure cli as mentioed in the above video or Refer Here
  • Now login into azure from cli
az login 
  • You can perform azure cli from cloud shell as well. Open the azure portal Preview Preview Preview
  • Ensure you have visual studio code extension for azure cli Preview
  • Lets create a Windows virtual machine
    • Lets create a resource group Refer Here Preview
    • Lets create a vm Refer Here
      • Lets find the image for windows vm image
      az vm image list-publishers
      az vm image list-offers
      az vm image list-skus
      az vm image list
      • Lets find the image for ubuntu vm image

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