Azure Classroomnotes 05/Oct/2023

Azure migrations contd..

  • Order of Migration: Least dependent services to most dependent services

Azure Migration Overview

  • Azure Migrate is a service offered by Azure to migrate
    • Server, Applications and databases
    • Databases (only)
    • VDI
    • Web Apps
    • Data box
  • Migration Phases
    • Discover
    • Assessments
    • Migrate
  • Migration Types
    • One time migration
    • Ongoing migrations

Options for migrations

  • Finding a azure partner to perform migration
  • Performing migration on your own
    • Azure Native Tools
    • Third party tools (Independent Service Vendors – ISV)

Lab Setup for migrations

  • We will be simulating on-premise on some cloud.


Setting up Azure Migrate Project

  • Create a Azure Migrate Project

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