DevOps Classroomnotes 07/Mar/2023

Jenkins Project Types

  • Free Style
  • Pipeline
  • Maven Project
  • Multi Configuration:
    • For building projects which have different configurations for different environments such as linux, windows, mac etc
  • Multi branch:
    • This is used for project where we have different branches and each branch has different pipeline.

Multi Branch Demo

  • Lets push all the branches after creating 4 branches
  • Create a new multi branch project for spring petclinic
  • We have pushed the changes to multibranch pipeline
  • Every language has some extra folders generated which might not be required in the git repository.
  • For the git to ignore these we create a .gitignore and add the patterns to exclude from git
  • Refer Here for online generator
  • Terraform generates some additional folders like .terraform which needs to be ignored, lets view at .gitignore of terraform
# Created by
# Edit at

### Terraform ###
# Local .terraform directories

# .tfstate files

# Crash log files

# Exclude all .tfvars files, which are likely to contain sensitive data, such as
# password, private keys, and other secrets. These should not be part of version
# control as they are data points which are potentially sensitive and subject
# to change depending on the environment.

# Ignore override files as they are usually used to override resources locally and so
# are not checked in

# Include override files you do wish to add to version control using negated pattern
# !

# Include tfplan files to ignore the plan output of command: terraform plan -out=tfplan
# example: *tfplan*

# Ignore CLI configuration files

# End of

Git Tags

  • Branch and Tags are reference objects in Git
  • Branch points to a commit which changes (generally points to latest commit). Git Tag points to a commit which represents something to be recorded (beta release, customer release)
  • Tags are widely used to represent releases
  • Lets create and push tag
  • Refer Here to know more on tags

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