AWS Classroom Series – 19/May/2021

Lab Environment for AWS Systems Manager

  • Lets create three ec2 instances
    • Windows Server 2016

      • tags: Name: qtwinserver, env: qa, project: qtecommerce, app: orderservice
    • RedHat 8

      • tags: Name: qtredserver, env: qa, project: qtecommerce, app:inventory
    • Ubuntu 18

      • tags: Name: qtubuntuserver, env: qa, project: qtecommerce, app:logistics Preview
  • Create an SSM IAM user Group with the following policies
    • ResourceGroups and TagEditorFullAccess
    • AmazonSSMFullAccess
    • AWSHealthFullAccess
    • AWSConfigUserAccess
    • CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess Preview
  • Create an IAM User and add the user to SSM Group

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