Azure Classroomnotes 30/Dec/2021

Activity 1: Lets create a virtual network using ARM Template contd

  • Order of deploying resources in ARM Template:
  • When deploying some resources, you may need to make sure some resources exist before other resources
  • In the example which we have dealt, the virtual network should exist before we create a subnet.
  • You can establish this relationship by making one resource as dependent on other resource, which can be done by dependsOn Refer Here
  • Depends on function accepts resource Id of the function which can be generated using resourceId function Refer Here
  • For the fix which we have done in last session
  • Now lets also add the depends on between subnets to create subnets in the order
  • Refer Here for the changes
  • Now Execute the deployment
  • In the template we have created multiple subnets by creating resources defintions, it would be good if we can have some kind of iteration. Azure Provides Resource iteration by using copy Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the changes done
  • Lets make our variables with different network name and subnet name.
  • Refer Here for the changes made
  • Now lets try to create a network security group which opens all the incoming connections on port 22, 80 and allows everything for outgoing traffic
  • Manual Steps
  • Exercise: Try to Create this from ARM Template
  • Default Outbound rules are enough.

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