Azure Classroom Series – 16/Sept/2020

Azure Free Account Creation


  • As on Operations Engineer, we are expected to
    • ensure the maximum availability & Performance of your applications.
    • Troubleshoot quickly in the cases of failure.
  • Lets introduce the operations team, who report to mike & lets understand what they can do to achieve the above mentioned Goal Preview
  • The Operations need a monitoring solution & Logging Solution to achieve the above mentioned goal.
  • Azure has a product line called as Azure Monitor Preview
  • Azure Monitor Overview Preview

Azure Monitor

  • Collects data that is one of the following types
    • metrics
    • Logs
  • Metric: Is a value that describes some aspect of the system at that particular
  • Logs: Some information about the activities/errors of the application
  • Telemetry: Events & Traces Preview
  • Lets see monitoring and logging in action, Create a Azure VM Refer Here
  • Create one Linux VM with B1s and windows vm with B1s Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Azure is giving some monitoring for every resource which we create.

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