AWS Classroomnotes 10/Dec/2022

Storage for AWS RDS

  • AWS RDS stores the data in Virtual Hard disks which are referred as EBS Volumes.
  • There are 4 disk types which are available
    • General purpose SSD: This is like an SSD on your laptop (decent speed)
      • v2
      • v3
    • Provisioned IOPS: Set the speed of your ssd disk
  • Disk speed is measured in IOPS
  • Lets create a pricing estimate with all the 3 disk types Refer Here
  • GP2
  • GP3
  • Provisioned IOPS
  • Disks in AWS for RDS support autoscaling i.e. we can set the maxium size of the disk and also start size.

Problem 1

  • Lots of Reads and Writes on the RDS database increasing the need for resources which in turn increases cost
  • To solve this we create a read-replica which allows only read operations. All the writes from your application are happening on primary database and all the reads from the replica
  • AWS allows creating read replicas from primary database in any region.

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