Azure Classroomnotes 19/May/2022

Azure Storage Account contd…

  • Naming Storage Accounts:
    • The storage account name must be unique across all storage account names in Azure
    • The name must be between 3 to 24 characters and can contain only lowercase letters & numbers
  • Replication Options:
    • Locally Redundant Storage (LRS)
    • Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS)
    • Geographically redundant storage (GRS)
    • Read access Geographically Redundant Storage (RA-GRS)
    • Geographically zone redundant storage (GZRS)
    • Read access geo graphically redundant storage (RA-GZRS)
  • Replication options control the durability and availability of storage account
  • Refer Here for the official docs
  • SLA for storage account Refer Here
  • Performance Tiers:
    • Standard:
      • This tier supports all storage services: blobs, table, files, queues.
    • Premium:
      • This tier tis designed to support workloads with greater demand on I/O and is backed by high-performance SSD disks
      • It supports
        • Page blobs
        • Block blobs
        • File Shares
  • Azure Generally charges for using storage in two ways
    • Size of the storage
    • Access costs
  • Access Tiers:
    • Hot:
      • used for frequently accessed objects. High Storage costs and low data access costs
    • Cool:
      • Used to store large amounts of data that is not accessed frequently. Data access costs is high and storage costs is less
      • Data should be stored atleast for 30 days
    • Archive:
      • This is used for long term storage i.e. accessed rarely
      • To access this data it will take several hours
      • Very very less price for storage
      • Data shoule be present atleast for 180 days.
  • Next Steps: We will understand the pricing on what we have done so far.

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