Azure Classroom Series – 03/Sept/2020

Soft delete for Azure Storage blobs

  • Default delete behavior is after deleting blob, the blob will be lost for ever.
  • Soft delete is a feature that allows you to save and recover data when blobs are deleted or even overwritten.
  • This feature needs to be enabled on storage account and retention period has to be set (for how long the deleted data is available)
  • Maximum retention period for deleted data is 365 days. Preview Preview

Creating an export from Azure job

Using Azure Data Box

  • Azure Data box is a service that provides a device that Microsoft will send to you that allows you to send terabytes of data from on-premise to azure.

  • There are three variations of azure data box

    • Data Box Disk
      • Format: Standalone SSD
      • Capacity: Up to 35 TB
      • Support: Blobs
      • Destination Storage Account: 1 only Preview
    • Data Box
      • Format: Rugged Device
      • Capacity: Up to 80 TB
      • Support: Blobs and Files
      • Destination Storage Account: up to 10
    • Data Box Heavy
      • Format: Large Rugged Device
      • Capacity: Up to 800 TB
      • Support: Blobs and Files
      • Destination Storage Account: up to 10 Preview
  • Refer Here for data box quick start.

Azure StorSimple

  • Azure StorSimple is used to provide data storage and backup solution for both cloud & on premises.

Azure StorSimple Virtual Array

  • Components:
    • Virtual Array: A hybrid cloud storage device based of virtual machine provisioned in virtualized environment or hypervisor
    • Stor Simple Device Manager Service: This service is used to create, manage services, view and manage devices, Manage volumes, shares and existing snapshots.
    • Local Web user interface: A Web UI i.e. used to configure the device so that it can connect to local network, and the register the device with StorSimple Device Management Service
    • CLI interface

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