AWS Classroom Series – 24/Sept/2020

Cloudformation (contd..)

  • The current state is present over here
  • Now the deployments of the architecture can be in any region, but as of now our template has a hard coded values of regions, we need dynamic values there. AWS has parameters which are referred as AWS-Specific parameter types Refer Here
  • Now using a specific parameter AZ Name Preview
  • For changes made Refer Here
  • We need three more subnets for high availability
    • websecondary
    • appsecondary
    • dbsecondary
  • Ensure they are from different AZ.
  • The changes are over here
  • Create a stack from this template Preview
  • Lets create an Internet gateway and attach it to our vpc Refer Here for template changes.
  • Lets create two route tables and associate them with subnets
    • public rt :
      1. Will have route to internet gateway
      2. associated with web & web ha subnets
    • private rt:
      1. This will not have route to igw
      2. will be associated for other subnets
  • Refer Here for the changes made.

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