Windows Classroom Series – 24/Sept/2020

Updating the Docs

  • Update the Docs using the cmdlet


  • Boolean: $true or $false
  • Numeric data types:
  • Strings


  • Everything in Powershell is object.
  • Object will have Methods, Properties
$purpose = 'Learning'
Select-Object -InputObject $purpose -Property *
  • Get-Members
$purpose = 'Learning'
Get-Member -InputObject $purpose
Get-Member -InputObject $purpose -Name Remove


  • Launch Powershell and execute
$superHeros = @('IronMan', 'Thor', 'Hulk', 'CaptianAmerica')

Topics to be spoken later

  • ArrayList
  • HashTable
  • CustomObject

Pipeline for Commands in Powershell

  • Pipeline is passing the output of one command to other
Output of command a will be input to cmd b
  • In Linux shell the output of command is sent as text to cmd-b, In Powershell the whole object is sent.
Get-Service 'PrintNotify' | Start-Service
Get-Service 'PrintNotify' | Stop-Service
  • Lets Create a text file

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