AWS Classroom Series – 25/Aug/2020

Storage Services on the Cloud

  • Different Kinds of Storage needs for an Enterprise
    • Disk Storage for Virtual Machines
    • Network Storage for Virtual Machines
    • Blob Storage : Storing files that can be accessed over http(s)
  • BCDR (Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery)
  • Different Storage Needs of an Enterprise Applications/Servers Preview
  • As we start using cloud Services, we would require the similar stuff to be supported by cloud (AWS).
  • In AWS, We have virtual machines as ec2 instances. These ec2 instances are created on Physical servers (host computers) owned by Amazon.
  • In AWS, the infrastructure is Organized into Regions with Zones. So the actual infrastructure is present in Availability Zones.
  • Disk Storage Options in AWS For EC2 instances
    • EC2 instance can have a disk from the same physical computer which is called as instance store
    • EC2 instance can have a disk from the different physical computer with in the same AZ called as Elastic Block Storage (EBS) Preview
  • If the EC2 instance is removed then instance store also gets removed. So instance store is also referred as ephemeral storage
  • If the EC2 instance is removed then ebs need not be removed, so ebs has a different life time than ec2 instances, This ebs storage can be used on a different ec2 instance or for backups etc..
  • Storage Options for ec2 instance in AWS Preview
  • We also do have databases, data warehouses.
  • We need to understand storage without the EC2 instance perspective.

What we need to understand

  • Impact of Regions on Storage?
  • How are backups handled in AWS since there is some thing to do with AZ
  • Disks have varying speeds. What are speed & size limits
  • How to store backups/archives in different Regions?

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