AWS Classroom Series – 23/Jan/2021

Dynamo Db

  • Terminology
    • Item: An item is composed of a primary or a composite key and flexibile number of attributes. Size of the item cannot be grater than 400 KB
    • Atrribute: Each attribute associated with a data time composed of attribute name (course) and value or set of values (DevOps, AWS, Azure)
  • Dynamo db supports two different kinds of primary keys
    • Partition Key: This is simple primary
    • Partition key and Sort Key: This is composite primary key
  • Lets create a dynamodb database table Preview Preview Preview
  • Dynamo db

Document DB

  • Amazon Document DB (with Mongo DB compatibility) is a fast, reliable and fully managed database service
  • Document DB Can be used by existing applications which use mongo db and move the data of the mongo db into document database and use the same code
  • Refer Here to find functional differences b/w mongo db and document db
  • Migration from mongo db to document db Refer Here
  • Compatibility list with mongo 4.0 Refer Here

Key Spaces DB

  • This is cassandra compatible fully managed database as a service

Graph Database

  • Graph database is a database designed to treat the relationships b/w data as equally important to data itself
  • Amazon Neptune is Graph Database as a service.


  • If your application is on block chain technology, QLDB is ledger database as a service.

Elastic Cache

  • In Elastic Cache Amazon offers
    • Memcached
    • Redis Cache
  • Application can be integrated with Elastic Cache for storing cache data which in turn significantly improves the query performance which leads to application performance improvements Preview Preview

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