Completek8s Classroomnotes 03/Oct/2023

Troubleshooting kubernetes

  • Workflow for Troubleshooting kubernetes

Common kuberentes Errors

  • CreateContainerConfigError:
    • This is result of a missing secret or config map
  • CrashLoopBackoff:
    • This issued is due to pod not scheduled on node which can happen due to
      • insufficient resources
      • pod did not succeed in mounting volumes
      • hostPort
  • ErrImagePull or ImagePullBackOff
    • This is result of failure occured as the image couldnot be pulled from registryt
  • Node not Ready

Setting up metrics server on kubernetes

  • To setup metrics server the command is
kubectl apply -f
  • This doesnot work out of box for kubeadm
  • Make changes in the args of container of deployment spec of metrics server
  • Kuberentes dashboard Refer Here
  • Refer Here for steps

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