DevOps Classroom Series – 07/Jan/2021

Lets bring up the hosted chef

  • Navigate to and create account if you down thave.
  • Login into hosted chef
  • Ensure you have organization created Preview
  • We have the chef infra server which is hosted and free of usage till 5 nodes Preview
  • Now lets move to workstation and install chef dk (chef development kit)
    • Refer Here for the chef dk
    • Installing chefdk using chocolatey on windows (choco install chefdk -y) Preview
      • Once installation is complete close and relaunch powershell terminal and execute chef --version Preview
    • Chef Server has to be linux machine
    • Chef Workstation can be linux/mac/windows
    • Chef node can be linux/mac/windows/network switch/router
    • Now we need to configure nodes. Configuring nodes is
      • install chef-client software on the node
      • setting up private/public key communication b/w chef server and node
  • Now we need to install chef-client and setup authentication b/w server and node. This process is called as bootstrapping
  • Generally bootstrapping is done from workstations.
  • To bootstrap from chef workstation we need
    • chefdk to be installed
    • chef starter kit to be downloaded on workstation Preview Preview
    • Download the chef repo and extract it. The basic folder structure will be as shown below Preview
    • Now lets look into .chef folder there will be a
      • .pem file which is a private key for enabling authentication with chef server
      • config.rb which has information about server
  • Chef dk has many tools, one of the tool which we start with is knife
  • If you are executing any chef dk tool which requires you to interact with chef server, ensure you are operating from extracted chef starter kit (chef-repo) Preview
  • Create one ubuntu 18.04 server in aws (which will be node 1)
  • Ensure you are able to connect to node from workstation Preview
  • Basic workflow of bootstrap Preview
  • find the help from command line
knife --help
knife bootstrap --help


  • Finding help from chef documentation Refer Here
  • Build a bootstrap command and execute
knife bootstrap -U ubuntu -i ~/Downloads/cheflearning.pem --sudo -N awsnode1

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Exercise: Bootstrap atleast one linux node (Centos/Ubuntu/Redhat)
  • Next Steps:
    • We will bootstrap one redhat family linux node (From azure)

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