AWS Classroom Series – 04/Sept/2020

Using network restrictions

  • If we don’t configure service endpoints, ec2 instances will be accessing the s3 bucket over internet.
  • If the s3 is accessed over internet it cannot determine vpc. conditions like vpc or vpce can be used when we create service endpoints to vpc

Hosting a static website using AWS S3

  • AWS S3 makes it very easy to host a static website with html and json content.
  • To Create a static website
    • An S3 bucket for hosting the content
    • A Route 53 hosted zone and necessary DNS records (for custom domains)
  • Lets create a s3 bucket with name ""
  • Now enable static website hosting Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Content Delivery Networks with Amazon Cloudfront

  • Cloudfront is CDN as a service.

  • In AWS global infrastructure we have Point of Presence locations, These locations can be leveraged to deploy a CDN solution.

  • To experiment with cloudformation, create an s3 bucket (public read access)

  • Lets create 3 folders

    • images
    • music
    • videos
  • Create a html page which will shown these files

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