AWS Classroom Series – 10/Feb/2020

Cloud Formation

  • Consider creating the following architecture Preview

  • Options are

    • AWS Console
    • AWS CLI
  • Lets assume i preferred console and created the architure using UI.

  • Next day i got a request to recreate the same architecture, now what should be approach

  • Mostly automation and i have two possibilites

    • Write a shell script/powershell script using AWS CLI
    • Write a cloud formation template
  • Lets stick to shell scripts, problems here

    • Difficult to change
    • when the script runs it is not guranteed to get th same result
  • Cloud formation template is

    • a json/yaml file
    • It is IAC with idempotentance.
  • Cloudformation template is a json/yaml based declarative way of creating infrastructure

Lab Setup

  • Git For Windows
choco install git -y
choco install awscli -y
  • Visual Studio Code
choco install vscode -y
  • Cloud formation Extension to visual studio code Preview

Basic Cloudformation Structure

  • Create a json file in a folder
  • For basic structure of the template Refer Here

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