Azure Classroom Series – 04/Feb/2020

Azure Migration

  • Model:
    • Agentless:
      • On VM’s no extra software is installed
      • HyperV is an agentless migration
      • VMware has an option for agentless migration (recommended)
    • Agent based
      • On VMs agent will be installed
      • VMWare has an option for agent based migration
      • Migration from Physical Servers, AWS and GCP will be agent based.

HyperV Migration Architecture

  • Agentless Migration Preview

  • Components

    • Replication Provider
    • Recovery Services Agent
  • Workflow:

    • Snapshot of vms is taken
    • During the first replication will copy the whole snapshot to azure and maintains hrl files
    • From that moment, rest of the replication is incremental
  • Refer Here for official docs

  • Assess VMS in HyperV

  • Migration VMS in HyperV

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