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  • Hypervisor: This is a software used to create virtual machines. There are two types of Hypervisors
    • Which will be installed on Operating System and it will help in creating Virtual Machines. (Virtual Box, Hyper V, VmWare Workstation)
    • Will act as operating system and helps in creating virtual machines (VmWare Esxi)
  • This act of creating virtual machines is also referred as Server Virtualization.
  • Hypervisors need to also manage Virtual Networks (SDN), Virtual Storage Devices.
  • Organizations use a Control Server/Console to manage hypervisors (VmWare VSphere)
  • Pilot/POC (Proof of Concept): This is a trail/experiment to explore something new
  • Migration Approaches:
    • Take Downtime, Perform migration (Non crtical) => One-Shot/time migration
    • Incremental migration from the replica to Cloud => Incremental migrations.

What are the Possible Migrations Supported by AWS?

Operating Systems (Physical/Virtual Machines)

  • Hypervisors:
    • VmWare VSphere/Esxi
    • Hyper V
  • Physical Server to AWS Image
  • Cloud:
    • Azure

Database Migration

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • mysql/maria db
  • Mongo DB

6 R’s of Migration

  • ReHosting (Lift and Shift)
  • RePlatforming (Lift, tinker and Shift)
  • Refactoring/Rearchitecting
  • Repurchasing
  • Retain
  • Retire

Are there any pre-req’s for migration of VM/Physical Server

  • Linux: There are supported distributions and linux kernel versions
  • Windows: There are supported Windows Server versions

Can someone else do the migration for our organization?

  • We have two options
    • AWS Partners
    • Third Party Softwares for migrations

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