DevOps Classroomnotes 06/Jul/2022

Decentralized Log and Centralized Log Analysis

  • To demonstrate this i will be installing
    • Apache on linux
    • IIS on Windows Server
    • Some application on linux Server
  • I will use this applications & then lets understand the logs.
  • Each application/operating system logs the data somewhere, but

    • They have different formats
    • Logs are text records which are not queryable.
  • Logs are located in the respective servers, searching for error message by login into each server will be a cumbersome activity this is decentralized logging.
  • If we export the logs from all the servers into some common/central location this is referred as centralized log server.
  • If we can make logs queryable it will save much more time.
  • If we can build charts then it would be much easier to troubleshoot.

Generalized Architecture for Centralized Logging


Elastic Stack Architecture


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