AWS Classroomnotes 06/Sep/2022

What is a Virtual Machine

  • A virtual Machine is created on the Physical machine by using a software which is called as Hypervisor.
  • While creating a VM from a physical server (Host) we need to assign
    • CPU & RAM to the virtual machine
    • Storage space which will act as virtual hard disk to the VM
  • VM can be started, stopped or removed. While VM is running it consumes
    • CPU & RAM
    • Storage Space
  • When the VM is stopped it consumes only storage space.
  • AWS also gives us a way to create VMs which is called as EC2.
  • While creating a VM it is referred as EC2 instance.
  • To select
    • CPU and RAM, AWS gives instance size
    • Virtual Disk, AWS gives EBS
  • While EC2 instance is running, AWS will charge for instance type and EBS and when the EC2 instance is stopped, we will be charged only for EBS

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