Azure Classroomnotes 06/Oct/2023

Azure Storage Migration

  • Migration Types

    • One time migration
    • On going replication
  • One time migration:

    • Consider the following case where organization has storage across multiple server in on-premises.
    • The data is changed infrequently and read heavily
    • Goal: To move the data to Azure storage and use it from both on-premises and with in azure
  • On-going: When the data generation is also happening every day and these generators are not moving to cloud. In these cases we need the replication to be setup
  • Migration methods

    • Online
    • Offline

Azure DataBox

  • Azure Datbox supports both offline and online transfers
  • Azure Databox: Refer Here
    • Size: 100 TB (80 TB usable)
  • Azure Databox Disk: Refer Here
    • Size: 8 TB ( 7 TB usable) * 5
  • Azure Databox Heavy: Refer Here
    • Size : 1 PB (770-TB usable)
  • Azure Databox Gateway: Refer Here

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