AWS Classroom Series – 18/Feb/2021

AWS Datamigration Service

  • At a high level there are 3 systems in this architecute
    • source db
    • destination db
    • replication db Preview
  • replication db will be in AWS, where source and destination db can be anywhere but they need to have connection from replication
  • In most of the migrations
    • Source db => On-prem
    • Destination db => rds
  • Our lab scenario is to migrate data from on-premise mysql to aws rds
  • Refer Here for different migrations documented
  • Lets navigate to database migration service Preview Preview
  • Create a target endpoint by creating a free tier rds mysql instance
  • Create a replication instance in DMS Preview Preview
  • Now test the source endpoint created Preview Preview
  • Now lets create an rds endpoint (target) Preview Preview Preview
  • Now create a Database migration task Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now restart/resume the migration task Preview
  • Note : In include rules try to give the schema name of the database to be migrated
  • For migrating databses offline, we can use Refer Here
    • mysql dump
    • s3 bucket Preview

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