Azure Classroom Series – 27/May/2020

Linux VMs on HyperV



  • Assumption: Already windows server with hyper v up and running Refer

  • For lab purposes to create the test vm’s we will be using vagrant

  • Vagrant helps in creating virtual machines easily.

  • Manual steps of Creating Virtual Machines Refer Here

  • Tomcat VM Setup:

    1. To setup tomcat and centos7 vm
    mkdir tomcat
    cd tomcat
    vagrant init centos/7
    vagrant up
    1. When asked about network switch select "InternalNAT"
    2. If needed To delete the virtual machine use
    vagrant destroy
    1. Now lets install tomcat
    sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel tomcat -y
  • Apache VM Setup:

    1. Commands are
    mkdir apache
    cd apache
    vagrant init centos/7
    vagrant up 
    # choose the suitable driver
    vagrant ssh
    sudo yum search httpd
    # install apache
    sudo yum install httpd -y
    sudo systemctl enable httpd.service
    sudo systemctl start httpd.service
  • Ensure you have this lab set up ready, As in next class we will be creating

    • Azure Migrate Project
    • Starting the Assesment of the Virtual Machines

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