Azure Classroomnotes 07/Apr/2023

Azure Disks

Persisting Mounts in Azure Linux VM

  • Azure is responsible for providing disks to OS, formatting and extending the disk spaces is the responsibility of OS
  • In Linux mounts are not persisted across restarts, for that we need to add entry to fstab
  • In the same way, partitions are created by OS not Azure Managed disk
  • Create a ubuntu vm with size standard_b1s
  • Login into the vm and execute the following commands
sudo lsblk

* Purpose of fstab Refer Here
* Add a data disk to the vm
* execute lsblk
* Create a filesystem
* Create a directory and mount the device on to this folder
* Now execute df -h
* Add the line UUID=<uuid of disk> /projects xfs defaults,nofail 0 1 to the /etc/fstab
* Now restart the vm and ensure the mount is persisted

Resizing the Disk

  • Now lets resize the disk attached to projects from 4 GB to 8 GB
  • Azure allows to change disk sizes only when vm is dealloacted(stopped)
  • Stop the vm and change the disk size
  • Now start the vm
  • Try detecting the changes Refer Here
  • Refer Here for microsoft official docs on expanding disks
  • Or try resize xfs filesystem ubuntu

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