DevOps Classroom Series – 15/02/2020

Storage in K8s

  • Topics to understand in K8s Storage

    • Volume
    • Persistent Volumes
    • Storage Class
    • Persistent Volume Claims
  • Areas of Concern

    • Docker Containers are ephemeral, to overcome we have Docker Volumes
    • Pods are ephemeral, As long as Pod is alive we have data, but once pod is deleted, data is also lost
    • K8s Works almost in many different platforms

Kubernetes Storage

  • Volumes lifetime is equal to lifetime of Pod
  • Persistent Volumes lifetime is equal to lifetime of cluster

Persistent Volumes Workflow

  1. Create a Persistent Volume (PV) with requestable attributes
  2. While Creating a Pod which needs PV, a claim/request called as PersitentVolumeClaim(PVC) is sent out to k8s
  3. K8s searches for all the available PVs with the requested attributes in PVC.
  4. If it finds the PV, then pod is created with attached PV which has to be mounted to docker container Preview

Persistent Volumes & Storage Classes

  • PVs Can be created statically and also dynamically
  • To get this dynamic provisioning storage classes help out.

Networking in K8s

  • Container Networking

  • Pod to Pod Networking

  • Pod to Service Networking

  • Ingress

  • Service Discovery

  • Refer Here for deeper understanding of k8s networking

  • Refer Here

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