Azure Classroom Series – 18/Mar/2020

Azure Managed Disk

  • Disks are managed by Azure
  • They are highly scalable
  • Disk Performance Tiers:
  • Experiment: Create a VM with Managed Disk and one Data Disk of size 1 GB
    • As of now our vm is attached to

      • OS Disk
      • Data Disk
      • Temp Disk
    • In the case of linux Os Disks and Temp Disk are already mounted, as a user you are supposed to mount Data Disks Refer Here For Linux Mount. Refer Here for Windows Preview

    • Disks attached to the Virtual Machines cannot be resized when the vm is running.


  • Disks can be reserved long term in azure and you can save the costs of the disk.
  • This requires the disks to be of size atleast P30 and reservation for one year
  • Along with reservation you have to select scope
    • Subscription
    • Resoruce Group
  • Save the disk costs. For Azure Reservations Refer Here


  • Full backups of the disk can be created with snapshots.

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