Azure Classroom Series – 04/Jul/2020

Azure Key Vault

  • It is a tool for securely storing and accesing secrets. Secrets could be API kesys, passwords or certificates.
  • A vault is a logical group of secrets
  • Terms:
    • tenant: It is organization that owns and manages te instances
    • Vault Owner: vault owner can create a key vault and has full access over it
    • Vault Consumer: vault conumer can perform actions on assets inside the keyvaults
    • Resource
    • Resource Group
    • Service Principal: azure service principal is a security identiy that user creates for apps, services or automation tools.
  • What azure Key Vault can do
    • Secrets Management
    • Key Management
    • Certificate Management
    • Store secrets backed by HSM (Hardware security modules)
  • Azure Key Vault supports multiple key types and algorithms
    • Cryptographic keys in the Key Vault ar represent as JSON Web Key Objects.
    • Software Protected keys:
      • Importing an existing RSA or EC key or create a new key
    • HSM-protected keys:
  • Key Operations
    • Create
    • Import
    • Update
    • Delete
    • List
    • List Versions
    • Get
    • Backup
    • Restore
  • Once key is generated
    • Sign and verify
    • Key Encryption
    • Encrypt and decrypt
  • Key vault provides secure storage of secrets such as passwords and database connection strings.
  • Certificate: Key Vault certificates support provides management of x509 ceritificates

Create Azure Key Vault

  • Create a resource and select ‘Key Vault’ to create azure key vault Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Refer Here for a example in .net to access secret

  • Azure Key vault has a Rest API

  • Refer code samples for accessing the azure key vault over here

Azure API Management – Import OpenAPI

Preview Preview Preview Preview

Azure Logic Apps

  • Azure Logic apps is cloud service that helps in schedule, automate and orchestrate tasks, business process and workflow
  • Click on create resource and select logic app and create with basic details Preview Preview

Azure Service fabric

  • Azure service fabric is a distributed systems platform that makes easy to package, deploy and scale microservices and containers.
  • Install Azure Service Fabric SDK

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